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Fallowfield Montessori Academy Camps

Fallowfield Montessori provides all-day camps for Irvine, Tustin, and the surrounding communities. We offer Weekend Camps and School Break Camps; Spring Break Camps, and Summer Camps; all with a focus on core Montessori principles:

Fallowfield Montessori Weekend Camp


Fallowfield Montessori Spring Break Camp


Fallowfield Montessori Summer Camp

2024 Camps: Activities Descriptions

Below is a list of activity descriptions for the various activities and lessons available during each of our camps:

Core Montessori Learning: Students start everyday during our summer camp engaging in Montessori activities independently while guided by our teachers. These activities will help build your child's sense of independence while also encouraging teamwork and collaboration.


Painting and Art Activities: In our Painting and Art sessions, your child will have the wonderful opportunity to delve into the vibrant world of art and crafts. Our art activities foster a rich and multi-sensory experience. Guided by expert demonstrations and interactive sessions, your child will explore various painting techniques, unleashing their creativity onto canvases. Our skilled instructors will not only teach fundamental artistic methods but also delve into the chemistry behind colors, providing an educational component to the artistic process.


Music Exploration: In the realm of music, your child will be introduced to the enchanting world of piano and drums. Our music sessions are designed to be inclusive and enjoyable, allowing each child to explore the joy of rhythm and melody. Skilled instructors will provide hands-on guidance, making music accessible and engaging for every participant.


Sports and Chess: We aim to inspire movement and strategic play, as children learn the basics of volleyball and soccer, and practice in friendly matches. Chess lessons, adaptable for beginners to advanced players, will refine their tactical skills and love for this classic game.


Baking and Chemistry: During baking and chemistry lessons, students will be guided by instructors through simple baking recipes. During these baking sessions, we incorporate chemistry fundamentals as well as basic baking skills, such as measuring ingredients and converting units.

Magical World of Science and Numbers: Under this theme, theoretical concepts are transformed into thrilling practical experiments. It's a space where a child's natural curiosity will lead them through the wonders of the foundations of science and the fascinating world of numbers and mathematics. Each day we will engage in unique science experiments as well as basic math concepts through different team activities and mathematical games.

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